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Wrong Turn

February 16, 2019



That  gang life  ain’t good...

Y’all  niggas is  misunderstood.

It  ain’t  no life  like that  in the hood,

Don’t  dedicate  yourself to  no shit like that.

It  shouldn’t  be tolerated.

Them  streets  not gone  have your back,  when you fall on  the ground

that  concrete  won’t crack.


die Everyday over them gang signs.

I never read that type of sign     language..

A lot of people say don’t do it, but do it. Then regret it when it’s done.


I don’t have to hear what they say just to know when to flee..

I can feel the intensity symbolizing death and violence.

I was on the bus one day and heard gun shots..

I saw an 18 year old get his life taken through the window.




Your mind goes blank in moments like that..

Them bullets are never intentional.

Even though they can be meant for someone, you never see nobody’s name on them though..

Bullets belong to




             with... not a surprise every time you turn around another child is traumatized.

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