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Fall For Only So Long

November 2, 2018



When the leaves

Begin to change


I can’t call it beautiful

Because my professor at West Chester

Once told me beautiful is overused

So I’ll say

This is the time when colors catch your eyes

When the leaves begin to burn bright.


The leaves look like seniors

Who too are entering their final cycle

Of high school experience


And like the leaves,

They’ll fall off after their

Beauty has been showcased

For colleges

And others’ eyes

To see


The secret is for those who stand out most

Whose color continues to catch our eyes

Who consistently showcase their strength 

no matter who sees them-

These are the leaves we want to surround ourselves with


The leaves who will hold on

Hold strong

Refusing to let the violent wind

Or bitter chill of winter

Knock them off


Not yet


Though there’s always a time

Where we let go

Because we need to 


All so we can begin the cycle again

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