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July 21, 2018


I’m dog watching on the Jersey side

Of the Delaware River


A Doberman

The size of a small pony

Stays smiling


Why wouldn’t he?

He gets to play every day

Chasing his ball

Going on walks

Taking naps when needed


I rent

Which means I don’t remember

What it’s like to have man’s best friend around,

Getting all riled up whenever you walk in the door


He’s a good boy

As most dogs are

Even if he lulled me to a false sense of obedience

As most dogs do


I step outside for a minute

Collect my shoes from my car

And concentrate on my upcoming interview


As I walk through the door I see

He’s devoured my peach

That was perched on the counter


Pushing the pit between his teeth

He still shows me his smile

Because he is happy

And now full


How could I get riled up about that?


I take the pit

Pet him on the head

And head out to claim my new job

Happy as can be

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