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Poet as Activist

February 24, 2018



It was three years in the making, but today is the day.  Not So Simple is here!


This project was built around homelessness, but it’s truly about people. 


It’s how we see each other. It’s about conscious communication and compassion. It’s about having empathy for people who are struggling. California has a homeless crisis. It’s time to listen. It’s time to seek solutions. If we start treating people as individuals, then our collective community can begin to grow together. But right now there is a divide; too many are being left behind.


You can purchase Not So Simple through Amazon.  Because this book of poetry and photography is centered around creating change in the community, all proceeds will go to Project Understanding.


I want to show gratitude to everyone who has contributed to Not So Simple.  I couldn’t have done this by myself.  Sehar Kamal, Anna Walsh, Dave Goldhahn, Mom and Dad, Ventura poets- specifically Phil Taggart, Marsha De La O, and Friday Gretchen, Mayo Morley, Richard La Plante, Roberto Varela, Tylere Hamm, thank you so much for every aspect you helped me with.  This project has Ventura County’s fingerprints all over it. 


I hope Not So Simple can be a conversation starter. I hope Not So Simple can be an agent for change. I hope we can change the trajectory of homelessness on the West Coast.


I have hope.

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