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Not So Simple: Philly Special

February 9, 2018



Here’s a Philly Special this Friday after an epic SUPER BOWL victory for the Eagles!  We’ve always been known for our rabid fan base. We’re intense.  We’re also pessimistic.  Something always went wrong.  We could never reach the promise land.  That was until this year. 


Playing the role of underdog, we flipped the switch and pessimism turned to optimism.  Hopeful instead of hopeless. 


With a few pictures and poems, the city of Brotherly Love has a place in Not So Simple: Observations on Poverty and People. (Which, by the way,  comes out TWO WEEKS from today!). 


“Selling Hope” comes from ‘Planting Seeds for Change,’ which is the third section of poetry in Not So Simple.  The piece was inspired from an interaction I had with a lady back in the winter of 2016.  She was a fighter, an underdog who was looking to get back in the game and take control of her life.  She reflects the grittiness of a city I hold dear to my heart. 


So to all my family and friends in Philly, this one’s for you.    





"Selling Hope"


Would you like to buy _______?

Sitting on the corner

She was selling something


I wasn’t interested.

A nod and excuse flow from my mouth


I keep walking.

Five minutes later….


I was going the wrong way


As I work my way back I see her again

This time I’m ready to listen


Whatchu selling?


About what?



Pointing to her papers she says,

if you stay clean

off drugs and away from booze

you can make some money selling papers

and get back on your feet



I bought a few  


It was a wet day in the city of Brotherly Love

and coupled with the cold

I admired her willingness to fight for a better life


She’s struggled on the streets

but now 

she’s getting back on her feet

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