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Fight On

January 13, 2018



Before bed

Reports on Twitter read

The blaze would be on the east end

By 1 or 2 am


Safe for a bit on the west side.



The fire came four hours early


But our downtown community

 made it out alive

Which is what counts


California now counts the single family homes

That were cremated without consent

But mother nature doesn’t have to ask before she takes

and at the moment she’s consumed close to 900 residences


We’ve done this to her

Now she’s doing this to us


There’s no need to point fingers

Instead we can use them to pick up the broken pieces

Of a community

Of a state

Where the uncomfortable reality is that fire season is year round

Where people now realize the role of luck

in not having their house burned to the ground.

Misfortune is a face that assists homelessness

In 2017 we saw Santa Rosa  Santa Barbara  Santa Paula & Ventura

Suffocate from the flames

Polluting the air

Pushing people to retreat

Pushing some to the streets


For the foreseeable future climate change and income inequality

Are the two biggest bears the Golden State will face

and they must continue to battle

Not giving up

Emulating the fire-fighters & who fiercely fought the blaze

To protect the people  

To protect the families   

To protect the communities   

From an inferno that is forcing Californians to consider the future of this threatened Republic

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