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Candid Camera

August 12, 2017


As the sunset was well underway in Big Sur, I set up my tripod and subsequently left my camera there to capture the moment.    As I walked down the trail for a better view, I wasn't worried that someone may steal my equipment.  Most people I've met on trails were kind-hearted and only looking to take in the moment, not someone's stuff.  Once the sun finally set, I walked back up the trail to see how time lapse turned out.  To my surprise I saw a couple had photobombed my pictures!  Instead of messing with my equipment, flipping me off, giving me their full moon, they simply walked up, smiled, and flashed a peace sign.  

I didn't see them on the trail, or at the campsite that night, but this show of genuine happiness and joy reminded me of what nature is capable of.  This moment provided a mix between technology and nature, and the latter prevailed in a positive manner.   Even though people can get nasty behind screens for the fear of not being caught, they showed love, and because of that, I consider this one of my favorite time lapses yet.






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