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Young Love Turns Old

August 4, 2017

Like clockwork I arrive at noon

To see my grandfather

watching the news


Forever a farmer

He waits for the weather

We need rain

Looking outside at the luscious green leaves and shrubs

I shrug It’ll come, always does


Once we receive the report

Rain, so they say

We walk to the kitchen

Just as my grandmother’s wheeled in


Hi Doris

His tender, endearing vocals radiate through the room

These tones are typically not heard from this old Italian  

They are reserved only for the love of his life


This is what it sounds like when young love turns old


Now as he looks at me with a smile as big as can be

He repeats the words that I hear regularly

Yet always said with such sincerity

She’s a doll, aint she?


He chased after her in high school

You could call it love at first sight

But that cliche can’t capture their tenderness

Whenever she’s within view his aura automatically shifts

He’s never lost that look

that smile that so easily spreads

whenever he sees her soft, elegant face

63 years and he’s still as smitten with the girl

He saw walking through the halls of Vineland High


Sadly, she doesn’t remember that

Nana’s lost our names long ago

Her brain and body are barely hanging on

But for a lady who’s battled dementia for over a decade

Her body hasn’t given in

Neither has her smile

And she does just that when she hears his

Warmhearted voice call to her


Although she didn’t respond

She looks to me & slyly asks what I’m smiling about

Tears almost escape my eyes as I flash back

To the lady with the gentle voice  

The witty woman with a heart larger

than all the fields on their farm


I snap back as to not lose this moment

And with a deep breathe and stiff upper lip

I tell her I love her

Well that’s nice

she says with an unsure smile


Just as swiftly as these moments come

They go  

But we cherish every interaction

As if it’s the last


Before we dive into our meal

We show gratitude to God

By asking the Lord to bless these gifts

Which we have received

The gift of family

The gift of good health

& and the treasure of life-long love


For these two young lovers

made a pact in front of a priest long ago

Till death do them part

& now that young love has turned old

It is quite a sight for my young eyes to behold


Father time has not called for them yet

But he is close

& when he comes for one

The other will soon follow

Because like a tomato on their farm

Once the vegetable is separated from the plant

Its time is short



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