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Producing Happiness

July 14, 2017

“After lunch can you help me set up the tractor?

  I want to cultivate the field”


Didn’t your doctor say you can’t work?


“Aw get the hell out of here, driving a tractor is just like driving my truck”

fair enough 


He sits inside for hours

Always fishing for opportunities to get out

Now he’s caught one


Sitting on his tractor

Riding through his few rows of produce 

He looks like a little boy let loose in a sandbox

Being in the fields produces happiness

Because he’s back to his roots

He’s back to his comfort zone

He’s back to doing what he loves:

working the fields of his farm


Even though his body is breaking down

he refuses to accept defeat

which acted as a reminder for me:

follow your heart

and do what makes you happy




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