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Lookin' Back

May 29, 2017


Some people say lookin' back is a trap

stuck in yesteryears

full of nostalgia and trauma

but by looking back

you get a better sense 

of where you're at


Who Am I?

That's the final assignment 

for a course built around


empathy and



Speak to your peers

and profess who you are

Stand tall

Stand proud

at the person you 

were, are, and want to be


So Who Am I?

I'm a fourth year teacher 

about to watch his first class graduate

I tried to provide tools to use

in every day interactions

After all, isn't that the goal of education?


I taught empathy through experience

we walked the streets 

passing out packages to people

who were in need of compassion,

someone to care and share 

in an honest human connection


Compassion came from making

them act on the fact

that they all had the capacity to





feel for others

there's no space in common core

to teach these tools 

that aim to transform the brain

but mainly the heart


Good lucking measuring that on a scantron


But that's where I was

wanting to make my mark 

on the young and talented minds

so they no longer needed me to teach them

Now they act on instinct

remembering what they did 

with that first year teacher

their freshman year


However we view time 

past    present    future

it always goes on


As I move along 

I hope to continue to create 



and conscious communicators 

that are ready and willing to 

positively impact their communities


So Who Am I?


what you see is me

Mr. G






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