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Take Back the Brain Pt.5

April 29, 2017


"All of these tech experiences have good elements. They're very appealing. I couldn't effectively communicate with my family on the other side of the world if it weren't for FaceTime or Skype. But the trick is how to use technology sustainably. What's effective is to inhabit environments where you don't know what year it is. Go outside. Spend time looking at the ocean, go to the woods, sit in a park. These natural experiences tend to not have these same 'hooks,' which make them very restorative." Adam Alter, Associate Professor of Marketing at NYU


We have become products of our environment. Technology is literally reshaping how we think, communicate, and act. I'd like to say I could live tech free, but that's a lie. It's everywhere. Because of that, conscious communication must play a larger role in society. The media machine is constantly vying for our attention, but we are in control of our habits. So let's take back our brains, stay mindful of our tech habits, and find the balance to sustain relationships both physically and digitally. 

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