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Take Back The Brain Pt. 3

April 26, 2017



“A man’s thought process can defeat the mathematical calculations of a giant computer- because the randomness of a man’s mind is incomputable. Even so, the computers are catching up..What man has to do is apply wisdom to his own unpredictability.  Right now, man is not always using wisdom.  He’s letting computers do it.  And when computers can logically outthink a man- that’s a frightening step.” The RZA from The Tao of Wu


We decided to drive to Bryce Canyon to explore more of the natural beauty Utah had to offer.  I always appreciated GPS, but loved the challenge of navigating on my own.  So we used GPS to get there, seeing as we had no physical map, but opted to drive home without it.  We made it safely and without getting lost. This reminded me of a simple, yet important lesson: Just because smartphones can do everything doesn’t mean we have to let them; testing our brain is essential, because although the ease of technology is enticing, the dependency that’s developed is dangerous.

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