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Take Back The Brain Pt. 1

April 23, 2017



I was addicted to technology. This isn't surprising since our phones and social media apps are programmed to get you- and keep you- hooked. It's called 'brain hacking' and 60 Minutes recently aired an extremely informative and revolutionary segment detailing how our brains are being hijacked to create habits revolving around our smartphones. We've all seen those zombies in public, glued to their phones, unaware of what is happening around them. We see them in grocery stores, at stop lights, and out at restaurants.  We are living in a world where people can't shake the perpetual habit of checking their phones and continuously disconnecting with what's in front of them.


Habits can be hard to break- especially those pertaining to our jack-of-all-trades smartphone. That's why I decided to live smartphone free this past week while camping at Zion National Park. Unplugged from all media and messaging, I contemplated what habits we have quietly, yet quickly adopted since the smartphone was introduced ten years ago and I plan on sharing them over this upcoming week.


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