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Writing in Waves

February 8, 2017



Barrels break cleanly

Right to left.

They continue to come

Set after set,

Crashing close to shore.


The fluidity of the crystal like fluid

Is reminiscent of a writer in a zone.


Typewriter, working its way across the white canvas-

Right to left-

Words flowing effortlessly

Line after line pouring their way down the page.


It’s not always this natural.


When the sea is out of sync

The barrels break before they’re finished.

The fluidity is no more.

Choppy and rough-

The beauty is there but it can’t express itself.

Whether it’s the




There are circumstances ceasing the beauty to come alive.


The mind of a writer is no different


Multitudes of emotions distort the mind’s vision.

Nothing is clear

Trains of thoughts break with no resolutions

There is no clarity

Madness ensues.


Despite all this

The waves will return.

The thoughts will pour in.

They may not always be clean and clear,

But they will continue to crash in multitudes

And when they do,

Be ready to capture their beauty.





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