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October 7, 2016



Lines were long

Near the 101 as I

waited for gas.


Off to the side

A man and his dog

Sat with their sign:


‘Anything will help’


This view

Was nothing new,

But I was out of money

And forgot to bring more food.


How can I help?


Before I could finish my thought

A woman worked her way

To my window


Excuse me sir,

Could you spare some change?


I could

But I didn’t want to

I avidly avoid

Giving money.


I had nothing to spare


“It’s Ok if you can’t...”

Her words sounded sadder

Than the state of her sweatshirt.


Dirty and disheveled

She stood there-



I rarely see females on their own

When I do they aren’t asking for help

Keeping to themselves


The dog-eat-dog atmosphere

That is bred on the streets

Made me empathize with her

More than I do for men.


I dug into my change drawer

Full of nickels and dimes

And scooped some coins.

As I dropped them into her palm

She smiled

Ear to ear


A thank you thunders

From her chest

And her aura automatically shifts


As I fill up my tank,

She exits with a donut

Coupled with a smile I won’t soon forget.

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