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Can You Blame Me?

October 4, 2016



An honest question

Delivered in an

Aggressive manner


'How can I get a meal out here?'


He yelled to no one

In particular

But his problem was real


Unlocking my bike

I stopped


And decided to



“Any luck today?”

I knew the answer

But this gave me a sense of

The individual

In front of me


Optimistic or Pessimistic?


He wasn’t expecting me to

Acknowledge him


His mannerisms immediately changed

Looking down at the curb

He mustered a

'No not really'


He held his hand,

And in moving his fingers,

Revealed a freshly formed

Gash around his knuckles


"What happened to you?"


He could tell I cared


'I got mad

Cop woke me up

I was drunk

He caught me off guard-

I got angry

Can you blame me?'


He sounded sorry,

But I wasn’t there to pass judgement

Or validate an opinion


I could only think of whether or not

I wanted to share my fish tacos with him


The more we talked

The more anxious he got


Luckily we had some space

Separating us on the street


He continued talking

'I’ve been homeless a few weeks'


Hopefully he figures out that


Won’t get him any meals


Wishing him well

I hopped on my bike and although

I didn’t share my meal with him

We shared a conversation

And he seemed grateful for that

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