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Human Flight

January 8, 2016



Did you know that in ancient times, all humans once knew how to fly?       


Time, guilt, selfishness, anger, and fear over thousands of years caused us to evolve into creatures who no longer fly . . . except for a select few individuals who still believe in the impossible. Still, many do not notice that children are all born with wings. The adults around them who still possess the secret skill of flight must teach them how to best use these wings.


Otherwise, children will remain caged, their wings susceptible to damage, their hopes of something beyond the ordinary ground-level-world relinquished. Some children grow up with their wings set beside them, ripped apart by sadness, confusion, or great force, as they or the adults around them only saw the wings as an abnormality or a nuisance that could not be tolerated and needed removal.


Never underestimate the influence of a caring adult who mends a child's wings. And, if an adult is really lucky, sometimes it is the child who reminds him or her pick up their weathered, tossed aside wings, and believe in their rusted dreams once again.


Now, imagine a world where we all learned to fly . . . Together, we could find our humanity again.



Blog: Flythroughmywords

Twitter: @_SaraK3_

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