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Yellow Voices

January 20, 2016



You hear the sounds a lot.


A city full of noise.


The yellow voices are ones that

New Yorkers are familiar with,

they speak the same language.


honking of horns

powerfully and quick

reverbarate rapidly 

off structures

and command the attention

of pedestrians in this 

abundantly soundful city.


Once you’re in the cab

the voice changes.



they are the ones

who notoriously navigate the concrete jungle.



I always hear stories.

The best story was saved

for my last night.

Rain and chill,

the car right in front of

the Garden.

42nd and 3rd we go.



cops man


i'm intrigued.

tell me more.

i'm a vet, man.

excuse me,

but do they

mess with you

because you are black?

i let it fly.

yea, kind of.

im a person

they’re people

what the fuck man.

you know what i'm sayin?

white privileged boy

fighting for human rights,

i know what you are saying

but i don't feel it

my skin color precludes me

from the prejudice.

i know it's there

i see the pain

in the paper

in the faces

in the interactions


we’re here

he extends a hand

i extend mine

merry christmas,


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