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A Poem For Peace: Orlando

June 13, 2016



Waking up to another

Love and Prayers for

“insert city here.”


The grin

which was glued to my face

from last night

Quickly vanished.


My hairs stood up,

My heart sunk

As Twitter filled in the pieces

To the puzzle

With this senseless shooting spree.


Did Trump truly congratulate

himself after this terrible tragedy?

He is

The definition of a narcissist.


When will all the violence stop?

Is that even possible?

The headline reads:

“The Deadliest Mass Shooting On

American Soil”


Guns are a problem


not the only one.

Our problems persist on

Much deeper dimensions.


The American psyche is troubling


Desensitized to hate

Desensitized to death

Desensitized to violence



Heard by politicians

towards their opponents.


Depicted on screens

From games to movies.


Verbal or physical to

Someone who is different from you.


Our collective consciousness as a country

is fading

This is the new normal.

Change must come.


A nation divided by



Sexual preference.

Unique is good,

It’s what makes us “us”

But we need to

Come together

United not just as states

But united in

A commitment to compassion

And courage in the venomous violent faces

Found from Philly to Florida

From Concord to Connecticut.

Hate has no boundaries

But we can quell it with

Love and logic


Change will come-

It has too.

We can’t continue

Down this dark and dangerous road-


Hearts hang heavy this morning

49 people dead-

a night of fun

gone terribly wrong.

Nothing they could do





May the families’ hearts heal



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