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What Would You Teach The World?

May 21, 2016



As the school year comes to a close, I find myself thinking of the last words and ideas I wish to share with my students. A culmination of a year’s worth of learning, all boiled down to one final hour of class.  Yet, as I reflect back to my days as a student, I wonder, ‘does anyone even remember the last day of school?’  As a boy, my only memories are from middle school.  Each year I’d jump off the bus, throw my backpack in the air, and run around my front yard, reveling in my newfound freedom. (I was a very energetic little boy- shocker, I know.) However, I have little to no recollection of my last days at school. So with that in mind, I had an idea to create a lasting ‘final class,’ and it involves every person on this Happy Friday mailing list.


Education is never strictly about content.  Throughout the year, teachers create lessons that cover mandated curriculum, but they also infuse their classes with life-lessons along the way.  Sometimes those ideas end up sticking more than the content.  Technically, that’s how Happy Friday started three years ago. I wanted to teach communication skills, while also emphasizing other skills I thought would make students more conscious and empathetic towards others.  Over the years Happy Friday turned into something much bigger than a classroom lesson, and since everyone reading this is now a part of this small community, I would love your input with my ‘final lesson.’


This central idea of the lesson is: If you could teach the world one thing, what would it be? What information or idea would you pass along to help others?  There are a plethora of different personalities assembled on this mailing list, which is why I am requesting your help.  Due to life experiences, occupations, traveling, and differences in age, I believe that everyone has something unique to teach the world- and my students!


(After compiling a list from friends, family, and colleagues, here is what we would teach the world)









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