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How Do You Spread Happiness?

August 3, 2015


What's your talent?  I'm a firm believer that everyone has something they can share.  For my grandfather, his talent is that he is a superior farmer.  For my mother, it is that she is a wonderful cook.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  My family loves to eat.  My grandfather grows tomatoes, squash, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, and peppers.  I spent a lot of time on the farm with him this summer, and from this short time I truly gained an understanding that he farms because it is his passion.  What I love about this is that he wants to share his passion with those he cares about.


He invites friends over to come and get vegetables from his garden, rides around the Jersey Shore on the weekend and delivers produce to his buddies, and of course, makes sure his family is well-stocked on their vegetables.  


As I was thinking of the Happiness Roundup this week, I decided that I would make it personal. The idea struck me as my grandfather and I rode around Vineland passing out watermelons to his buddies.  Out of the blue, he said, "boy, did you see the smile on their faces!?"  The fact that he could share something with people who always treated him with kindness and respect was something he cherished.  He wanted to give back and share his passion, and by doing just that he not only rekindled old friendships, but also put smiles on their faces.  


So with that in mind, what's your talent?  What can you share with those around you that will make a positive impact?  It can be something small like cooking for friends, but it can also be offering advice in a field of expertise.  For my buddy Dave, it's sharing his art since he is a talented artist.  Whatever your passion is, explore it and share it with those you care about.  That's one way to make a difference.




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