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Quasi-Experiment on Kindness

June 12, 2015

As some of you may know, I tried to enact a 145 Days of Kindness initiative this past semester.  This was a chance for me to see if a group of individuals (specifically my freshmen class) could compile and consistently engage in acts of kindness for an entire semester.  The results showed that yes, students could engage in acts of kindness, but the consistency factor lasted for about two-thirds of the allotted time (around 100 days).  After analyzing the data and talking with students, the major factor seemed to be that they were all doing similar or the same acts of kindness.  Because of that, they did not want to continue to put the same thing on the wall.  They also said they were limited because none of them could drive, and on top of that, they were freshmen trying to balance the tough adjustment to their first year of high school.  


All in all, it was interesting to observe and participate with helping others.  Whether it was something as small as holding the door for someone, or buying sandwiches and water and hitting the streets to feed the homeless, it showed each of us the different ways in which we could help out those around us.  



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