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Helping the homeless is something I've been writing about for the past five years.  Helping others- specifically, those living in poverty- has always been at the heart of Happy Friday.  Now there's a book to show for it.  Not So Simple: Observations on Poverty and People is available to purchase through Amazon and local Ventura County bookstores on February 24th. ALL proceeds will go to the social service organization Project Understanding in Ventura, CA.


It’s hard to imagine homelessness getting worse, but that’s where the West Coast is headed.  People can barely get by.  More and more individuals are pouring into the streets where they struggle just to survive.  Affordable housing is scarce.  Mental illness is rampant.  Support networks have run dry.  How did we get here?  Why is homelessness increasing throughout the West Coast?  How can we help those living outside the margins of society?


Through poetry and photography, Not So Simple: Observations on Poverty and People shares stories of those living on the streets, examines how poverty has persisted and gained ground in the United States, and provides a template for creating empathy and a human-centered approach to communities throughout the country.