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What is Happy Friday?   

As an educator, I wanted to create positive change within my local community.  Happy Friday started as a single lesson plan I put together during my first year in the classroom. It went well. That's when I decided to build a curriculum centered around compassion, empathy, and a commitment to better understanding social justice issues.  Every other week you'll find content reflecting just that. 


Happy Friday continued to grow and I  wrote a book with the community in mind; Not So Simple: Observations on Poverty and People combines the social emotions above with a specific focus on economic inequality and how we can change our views on those affected by it.


Back to the classroom.  Teaching young adults about the power of diversity and acceptance of all individuals is essential to a fully functional society.  Having a human-centered approach to life can transform communities.   That’s what you will find on Happy Friday- a commitment to focusing on others, all in the hopes that we can transform the way we interact with each other.


Happy Friday is a collaborative effort and wouldn’t be possible without the support from those who also wish to make a positive difference.  Over the past four years, Happy Friday has been lucky enough to work with Project Understanding, Help of Ojai, NepalAama, and the St. Thomas Aquinas Homeless Shelter.


Compassionate communication creates connections. Every day we can make a change.  Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.


Happy Friday Every Day!


-Brian Galetto